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May 9, 2018

Image result for double glazing windowsBeyond the aesthetics that one wishes to give to his residence, the doors and windows must answer a certain number of requirements in terms of thermal performances, resistance and maintenance. Your choice will focus on standards and materials first, but, rest assured, without skim on the design.

An Essential Approval

Opt for high energy efficiency. Natural Resource is a federal agency working for the development and use of responsible natural resources. As such, it issues a certification, under the Energy Star label, to equipment whose energy efficiency is recognized. They minimize heat loss, which allows you to save up to 10% on the cost of heating, and condensation. This equipment has been tested to verify their safety standards and performance. Other controls were also carried out, such as ultraviolet ray filtering, durability, resistance to air, wind and water. We must therefore choose companies recognized and specialized in the manufacture of windows and windows. Fine opportunities for the proper Dartford upvc windows and door are there.

State-Of-The-Art Materials

The technology makes it possible to offer many materials for the manufacture of entrance doors, patio or windows.

  • PVC: a very resistant material

PVC is particularly resistant to extreme cold and heat, which gives it an undeniable advantage. It is acclaimed for its water and air tightness and good sound insulation. You will not hear the noises from the outside.

In addition, a PVC door or window will be guaranteed for 20 years against mold, corrosion, discoloration, rust or flaking. You are calm.

On the aesthetic side, this material offers a wide range of colors, enough to fill your creative ideas. Another advantage: it requires no maintenance, a simple sponge enough to clean it.

  • Wood: an undeniable charm

The wood gives a frontage authenticity and nobility, it is warm and natural. But it will be necessary to choose a resistant species, whose density is high. Naturally insulating, wood has the advantage of having a very low environmental impact, especially if it comes from sustainable forests. Only black spot: it needs a regular maintenance. Every two years, you will have to renew the varnish or apply a stain.

  • Aluminum: a thermal bridge

Highly resistant and low maintenance, it is recyclable. But make no mistake: its manufacture requires a lot of energy consumption, so it has a strong environmental impact.

His other negative point is that he creates thermal bridges. It is therefore necessary to install a thermal break, expensive, to overcome this problem of insulation.

  • Steel: a great level of insulation

It is highly appreciated in North America, the steel doors benefit from an injection of polyurethane foam with a very insulating power between the walls. In addition, they undergo an anticorrosion treatment before the application of the lacquer finish.

  • PVC-Aluminum: a good combination

The mixture of PVC and aluminum avoids problems of corrosion or possible degradation. You will have the choice between many colors as well. Classic or contemporary, doors and windows today benefit from state-of-the-art technology in terms of insulation and security. However, do not hesitate to put the price to get the best comfort.

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