How to Love Fuzzy Friends


Read the various literature on fuzzy


Be more common with animals than one.


Watch your fuzzy with your eyes.


Keep an fuzzy at home.

About Naturally Fuzzy

Everyone loves fuzzy animals, right? I sure do, and I’m man enough to say so!

Hi, my name is Jeff Martin, and I started this page with my daughter, Alexis. Alexis is eight years old and absolutely loves animals, especially the “cute, fuzzy ones” as she says.

As a homeschooling family, we decided to use this page as a learning resource for Alexis. We find animals she wants to learn more about and write about them here, adding a cute picture for the final touch.

I hope you, our readers, will enjoy reading about these animals as much as we do!

If there’s an animal you think of that is cute and fuzzy that we should check out, go to our contact page and let us know.

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